I wish some LDR’s fans admit that she is a pop star, not the creator of a new music genre.

Like I know baby,all about her is cool but she’s a pop star.

21.Jul.12 2 years ago

Ojalá algunos fans de Lana Del Rey admitieran que ella es una pop star

Si goey, trae una onda distinta pero sigue siendo pop.

21.Jul.12 2 years ago

I do love Lana Del Rey

And I know that I’m gonna get so much hate for this.

But she makes pop.

So, yeah.

Sorry, not sorry.

03.Jul.12 2 years ago

The ViewMasters

I want to have a band (I’m not sure yet if I want it to be an electropop, an indie or a pop folk band) But what I really know is that I want to call it “The ViewMasters”

19.Sep.11 2 years ago